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Improving patients' quality of life through the use of Virtual Reality


Meet RoVR!™

RoVR!™ is a mobile, virtual reality unit with experiences tailored to elderly patients


  • VR Headset

  • Samsung tablet

  • Headphones

  • Infection control products

  • Protective case


  • Immersive relaxation destinations

  • Guided meditation experiences

  • Veteran-specific experiences

  • Travel experiences

  • Big Band Era expereinces

I am dying

I am in pain

I am afraid

I feel trapped

I want my dignity

I miss my family

RoVR!™ meets patients where they are: hospice facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, or in their homes. Guided imagery and meditation offer peace and comfort to patients and families when life expectancy is limited. Additionally, we offer specific experiences for Veterans to help meet the unique needs of this population.


Here's Our Story

Immersive Cure was founded in late 2018 by Jessica Benson, an advocate of virtual reality in healthcare.  She has spent the past three years researching the benefits of VR, how it mitigates pain by 30%, reduces the need for pain medication by 20%, and relieves stress and anxiety for patients.  Jessica initiated the adoption of VR at a children’s hospital by educating staff and creating a volunteer team who deployed experiences for children undergoing medical procedures as well as those who needed an escape from mundane hospital life.


Jessica has first-hand experience in not only hospitals but nursing homes and hospice as well.  Her 48-year-old mother suffered a debilitating brain aneurysm and spent much of her remaining 22 years in a nursing home and eventually on hospice care.  She is all too familiar with the struggles that these patients face: isolation, depression, anxiety, stress, pain, and fear.

Immersive Cure is able to create customized experiences to address these patient needs.

I'm RoVR!™, your mobile virtual reality companian


Meet the Team

Jessica Benson

CEO and Founder

Will Eisenberger

Web Developer

Bill Myers

Sean Watson

CTO and Co-Founder


Grace Myers


Kaiden Holmgren

Tech Intern

"Jessica brought her RoVR! mobile VR kit to our home. After a few minutes, I really felt like I was on a boat going to Kelleys Island, and then I got to see such a beautiful sunset -- I loved it."

- Marilyn

Patient (Hospice of the Valley)

"Totally blown away with this new technology. I had no idea that I was still on my back porch, I thought I was really in DC visiting the monuments."

- Ed



Our promise: address end of life needs by creating custom experiences that provide peace, comfort, and closure through virtual reality

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