Immersive Cure Cares

Infection control is number one on our list of concerns too.


Immersive Cure has always included one time use infection control products as a standard component of our RoVR kit. 


We provide disposable, one-time use hairnets and headphone covers, alcohol wipes for the lenses, Purell wipes for hardware, cleaning protocol instructions and in-person and video training.


While we are not able to enter facilities and homes at this time, our RoVR kits have been hard at work bringing much needed relief to those who live and work there. Many residents have been able to "escape" the walls of their rooms by immersing themselves in beautiful nature-scapes, guided meditation, and travel experiences.  We are pleased to be able to provide relief to those in a lock down mode, to offer peace, comfort and joy when it is needed most.  Honoring Veterans as they are at the end of their life can take many forms.  Facilities offer pinning ceremonies, presentation of blankets and flags and now they can offer them a chance to travel to Washington, DC to see the monuments built to honor them. What a perfect way to complete the ceremony.

Please connect with us to purchase a kit for your facility, we are open for business and welcome the opportunity to provide an escape for your residents and staff.

Stay safe, 

Jessica Benson

CEO & Founder


Infection Control Protocol