Our Story

Immersive Cure was founded in late 2018 by Jessica Benson, an advocate of virtual reality in healthcare.  She has spent the past three years researching the benefits of VR, how it mitigates pain by 30%, reduces the need for pain medication by 20%, and relieves stress and anxiety for patients.  Jessica initiated the adoption of VR at a children’s hospital by educating staff and by creating a volunteer team that deployed experiences for children undergoing medical procedures as well as those who needed an escape from mundane hospital life.


Jessica has first-hand experience in not only hospitals but nursing homes and hospice as well.  Her 48-year-old mother suffered a debilitating brain aneurysm and spent much of her remaining 22 years in a nursing home and eventually on hospice care.  She is all too familiar with the struggles that these patients face: isolation, depression, anxiety, stress, pain, and fear.

Immersive Cure is able to create customized experiences to address these patient needs.

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