Our Story

Immersive Cure was founded in late 2018 by Jessica Benson, an advocate of virtual reality in healthcare.  


Jessica has first-hand experience in not only hospitals but nursing homes and hospices as well.  Her 48-year-old mother suffered a debilitating brain aneurysm and spent much of her remaining 22 years in a nursing home and eventually on hospice care.  She is all too familiar with these patients' struggles: isolation, depression, anxiety, stress, pain, and fear.

As we worked with our customers, we found that the Veteran population was eager to use VR and had profound outcomes after viewing the Memorials in Washington DC.  We partnered with "We Honor Veterans" to provide additional ways for facilities to honor their Veterans.  When facilities perform a pinning or end-of-life honor ceremony, we can now provide a truly moving tour of the War Memorials in DC for both the patient and family members. 


Simultaneous viewing in multiple headsets provides a space for a family to share in this journey and have meaningful conversations that may not have happened without the aid of this technology.

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