Just like your faithful dog, forever by your side 

A mobile virtual reality kit with experiences tailored to palliative care patients and Veterans

Virtual Reality relieves anxiety and stress while reducing pain by 30%.

In a nutshell, Immersive Cure creates and delivers powerful and portable virtual reality experiences that soothe the soul, mitigate pain, and give clients hope, strength, and joy.  Even if a patient is bed-bound, VR allows them to hear, see and move through their environment as if they were mobile.

Powerful Technology 

Immersive Cure uses the highest quality headset and over the ear noise cancelling headphones, and we pair it with our bluetooth powered tablet used as the controller.  Our Bluetooth technology allow this kit to travel anywhere, wherever you call home, we can meet you there.




Guided Imagery offers peace and comfort

Meditation lowers your blood pressure

Nature-scapes relax the mind, body and soul

Travel offers escape

Veteran content offers another way to honor our Vets

If you have something near and dear to your heart, we are more than happy to curate something just for you!




Immersive Cure was built on the premises of empathy and understanding.  We know what it takes for you to be successful so we offer

  • virtual or in person training 

  • on boarding support

  • video training for future staff additions and refresher training.

  • phone support staff


We are here to hold your hand every step of the way. 



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